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Your Blood Is My Wine

This song is by Dying Fetus and appears on the album Infatuation With Malevolence (1995).

Stare in my eyes
The window to your soul
A vision of the prophecy at hand
Entranced and deceived
You fall onto your knees
Give to me the pleasure I demand
I just go by instinct
There is no thought out plan
A search for penetration
A lust dream of the damned
Your body now forgotten
It's safe within my hands
Your flesh is my salvation
The sanctity of man
We're all the same
An existenctialst's nightmare
A purpose inane
An end
Dimmensional crossing
A spirite
Evolved profane
A quest for self pleasure
Undenied I rise
The desperate measure
Soveriegn sacrifice
Ascension from the dawn
Iconoclast enthroned
Hope is all but gone
A harbinger alone
Dilute my blood with yours
Acquire to the taste
Carrier of what I need
Your blood shall be my wine! feel the blood run through you and into me
A fluid I belong to
An epicure
Streangth from the induldgent
I extricate
True exaserbation
An anathema
This is the start of what's to come
With the dying breath of the chosen one
We'll turn your many into none
From hell your god to begotten son
No remorse for the fallen
A reason to be served
A bloodbath mate received my hate
Not a victim just my whore
A taste your mouth cannot fathom
On excess it will appease

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