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Vomiting the Fetal Embryo

This song is by Dying Fetus and appears on the album Infatuation With Malevolence (1995).

Stripped to worthlessness
Raped of existence
Enter this world of sin
Vomit forth the newborn's life
Gazing inside the hideous deformity
Blasphemous delight
Chop their heads away and die with me
Step within the circle
Let the fear just slip away
Ripped apart you'll fulfill as your join the dead
Underneath the full moon which dance before
Unearthly fate your body drains
Ripped apart the fetus mangled on the floor
Your gutted corpse has deceased embryo
Dead on the floor bless this day
They're suffering
Embryo vomited
Then this world will be blessed
Corpse torn
The fetal soul is horribly torn

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