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Tearing Inside The Womb

This song is by Dying Fetus and appears on the album Infatuation With Malevolence (1995) and on the EP Grotesque Impalement (2000).

A rotting crotch severed and brown with veins of protruding inhumane
Forced inside another life
Never to "rise" again
Laughing at this farce
A coroner's delight
Open the body revealing a stump
Gasp at the hideous sight
She'll rot before me
She deserves this death
She'll rot so beautifully
I take her life
It's so delightful
But it's her this time
It's all so fucking delightful
Now she's just a vision or the gore I have come to know and love
I seek
I find
She dies! forced inside this bizarre sexual demise
Her body crawls with flies
As she's ripped in half
The scent terribly described
They're never left alive
The pleasure of the dead
The goal I have in mind
To feast on this sublime
Internal masterpiece
Tear further deep inside
I've got to reach the prize
Tearing inside the womb! as I shovel out this mess
So beautifully created
Love and peace are one with me
My mind and your flesh have mated

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