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Bathe in Entrails

This song is by Dying Fetus and appears on the album Infatuation With Malevolence (1995).

I can still remember
That night in paris France
Enslaved upon the darkness
That boiling acid bath
Bathing in his sick tub
Flooding with entrails
Unto this fucking world
Horror is revealed
Eyes are melting
Vile and horrifying
Horrid eviscreation
Nerves exploding
A sicklu revelation
I watched them die... skin is peeling
Dripping of their faces
Veins are bursting
So morbidly deformed
Sawed and severed
Nothing left to pray for
Rot forever
I felt the growing sickness of decomposing organs rotting right before me
So heavenly dismantled
As I watched him
Eyes of terror
Melting humans
Spilling over
Cleansing my skin
With your organs
With your blood

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