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A Place To Cry

This song is by Dwight Yoakam and appears on the album Tomorrow's Sounds Today (2000).

What I'm looking for is all I need
'Cause what I've wanted most is some space between
Her heart and mine
Which sure ain't no small chore to find

What I get will lead to what I do
I just hope that's not later than it's soon
Or else all night
I'll be up again alright
'Cause what I straight up need to score
Is a place to cry

I don't need a lot
Just some quiet spot
That won't stain from tears
Please, I'd rather not
See us both get caught
With cleaning up that could take years

This ain't over until once it's through
But once more's twice as much as I can use
Or care to try
For my eyes to get dry
'Cause man the fix I need right now
Is a place to cry


What starts hurting worst is not as strong
As the aches that happen next, then before long
It passes by
But not until I want to die
'Cause what I'm strung out for
Is a place to cry

Yeah, what I'm jonesin' for right now
Is a place to cry

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