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Sky Blue

This song is by Dwight Twilley and appears on the compilation album XXI (1996).

When I talk to people that I meet casually
I can't help but think of their hostility
Ooh, that's not me, ooh, that's not you

While I was still in school my teachers are telling me
They say, "Sonny, without money you will never be free"
Ooh, that's not true, ooh (Incomprehensible) and I got you

Now and then I wonder what 'bout the road less traveled by
But I'm not lost I just don't know the way

When I see the children playing more in the streets
Miles of football fans are screaming they can't be (Incomprehensible)
Ooh, that's not me, ooh, that's not you (Incomprehensible) and I got you

Ooh, sky blue, ooh, sky blue, ooh, sky blue

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