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​Workin' On It

This song is by Dwele and appears on the album Sketches Of A Man (2008).

U know [ u know]

Ur my baby, I only act shady
But it's time to cut an hour

And you know I'm (workin on it)
I said I'm (workin on it)
U know (workin on it)

And I want right here in
My world being withchu all
Alone is so inspiring
With that said I'm on my
Way back to the ab to get {workin on it}

U clain that you need me
Girl you tryna play me
And you I'm gonna want
You back in my arms

But you know that (only on can win)
So you betta think twice cause
You may never find...
(I never felt a love like this)
On the forever beat don't get it
Twisted cause "b" stands for baby.