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This song is by Dwele and appears on the album Subject (2003).

We know how they feel
They say that we've got time to kill
I'm going to keep it real
My time is not crucial
Got minor bills
And business as usual

But life still brings strain
We;re living in a world insane
Trying to prove
We're experienced to someone
Welcome to
Life twenty and under

Insurance is too damn high
Because of your age and where you reside
I'm woring a triple (?)
But it don't mean ish
They still want to see 5 thousand
Every 6 months wihout (?)
There's got to be
A way that's much easier
No coverage
That's dumb, but much cheaper

Twenty years young
A few moths away from 21
Your friends all you in the club
But you can't get in
And if you do you ain't got no
Extra cash to spend
'Cause you gave it up
To the bouncer so you could enter
Into the club
Get a fake ID an enter

And, God, my time has come
A few more months I'll be 21
No more fake ID's
I'll be legally unsober
Hitting Riverrock
Singing "21 and over"