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​Some Kinda Prelude (...And So It Is)

This song is by Dwele and appears on the album Some Kinda... (2005).

And so it is,
You are already one out of a million before you even take your first breath,
Must be your very own personal some kinda,
So keep on...
And she will let you know daily,
I brought you in, and I will take you out,
But she won't though,
'Cause she herself believes that you have your very own personal some kinda,
That you can bless this world with one day and that's fa sho
How the saying goes?
Mamma knows...
If you are blessed with dance,
And when you do it
The concrete that holds your feet slides and adjust with your every move

As though its tryna keep you afloat just to see what you gone do next...
That might be your some kinda...
Keep on with your some kinda musiq, your some kinda art,
Your seed might be the first president of their kind,
When he or she gets here don't give up,
Nurture their some kinda.
You may birth the next promoter of world peace-
World please,
And your lives may imitate this art that I have spoken
And keep on