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​She's A Star

This song is by Dwele.

She's a star
Idk where she from but I know when
She 30 goin' on 19 again (yeah)
I swear she raised by silicone valley
And she keeps me effin happy
I'm a fan (yeah)
Her videos come through my iphone
She on my TV when I'm all alone
I'm the cameraman tho
We got (one) one won't do, two is not enough for me no

People listen she coming tonight
Over to my place to perform for the camera
R (our) movies captured in lights
Nytime (anytime) anyplace go down
O she a star (8x)

Over the time, we made one flick together but tonight
We gonna make a second, kill the lights
She doin' it rough for action but its hard to hold the camera still
Now I'm the star
She holds the camera, tilt as I perform
She focused on my lips as she gets warm

Now we got two flicks but it ain't enough for me no

I got her in the crib, got her in my bed
Served her tipsy, got up in her head
Pervert gypsy, jokingly I called her
Stirred up laughter, talked up on some ???
I said yeah, she said yes
She looked at my phone, I said 3GS
She said with the camera, girl you a mess
But we can have fun, who am I to contest

Here comes the summer, she wake up like last night and leave a copy
We go for breakfast there's no paparazzi
Nobody knows her fame except for me
And she keep me effin happy
But I'm tired (yeah)
She wore me out and wants to go again
Tonight she wants to bring her girlfriend
But my battery's low
She's enough, two might be too much for the bro