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​Money Don't Mean A Thing

This song is by Dwele and appears on the album Subject (2003).

Money don't mean a thing
I'd rather have someone that makes me happy
Know the one, Me, her, love
Holdin' each other, watchin the sun come up
And I would give up everything
Just to have a shorty that loves me
For me

I got a house on a hill with 17 niggas around me
But it feels empty (yes it does)
And I can call two or three girls at the same time to make love to me
But I still feel lonely (so lonely)
Now I can go from 0 to 60 in my V-1-2 with the chromed out shoes
But it feels like I'm standing still (standing still)
We can take a cruise around the world
And I'll pay the cost
But I feel lost (I feel so lost)
Money don't mean a thing

When I look out my window I can see a small body of water
And I wish I could sail away (sail away)
For it ain't that far
I can probably can get from here to Amsha
A place in the motherland, Y?all don't understand
From the outside, looking in, I live the perfect life
But that ain't right no, no, no (so far from right)
So I do what I gotta do
Just to take it through (I'm waitin on you)
Cause it don't mean a thing, without you
Money don't mean a thing

Money don't mean a thing (money don't mean a thing, no)
Money don't mean a thing
Money don't mean a thing
How many times have you had money in your life
But it didn't make things right
Money don't mean a thing
(Chorus) fade away