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Find A Way

This song is by Dwele and appears on the album Subject (2003).

It used to be...we would be...the best of all friends
it turned to be...L-O-V-E... and i was you
i was my, lady-friend, we spent time
i found a way to be by your side..
through the ins and outs, the wrong and rights
after a while..of bein settled down I didn't know how
to keep the love, cuz i was young
i wish i knew then what I know now
I woudn't've let you go I swear I would've made this love grow
I spent a lot of time and a lot of dough
tryin to match what we had and now I...

..:::..::: Chorus :::..:::..
I was hopin' we could find a way
to have what we had again today
though it's been some time since you and I...
it wouldn't hurt to try
to find our love

Wish that I, would have known the treasures I'd found
I didn't know, until you left, I loved your smile..
just the other day, your girl said you can't stand me...
I know you don't mean that can't we
just slow down a minute and talk it out
I've been, in my share, of love since then
Don't know about, what you've been through
but nothin
what we had
all I know is I need you back
and i know that you need me back
baby let's try again to find our love ohh

..:::..::: Chorus x2 :::..:::..

..:::.. HOOK ..:::..
and I can't for-get... the times we shared
didn't know love until love was gone
'til I moved on,
now I'm right back to square one again

..:::..::: Chorus and ad-libs until fade :::..:::..

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