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Album by Dwayne Tryumf.
  1. 777 Intro (featuring Steve Allen)
  2. Never Be The Same (featuring Copeland Green and Muyiwa)
  3. He's The King (featuring Crazy Ric)
  4. I Don't Pack A Matic
  5. Roll Out ((featuring Pilgrim and Gamma)
  6. African Drum
  7. 777 (featuring Reign Of Fire)
  8. Sons Of God (featuring Reign Of Fire)
  9. Mc Hate Alot Part 1 (featuring Comedian Chris Williams)
  10. Proverbs 31 Woman
  11. Our God Is ((featuring Copeland Green and Liane)
  12. Jesus Is Alive (featuring Tony Momrelle)
  13. Find My Way (featuring Ryan Carty and Frank Ademoye)
  14. Trust In Me (featuring Sister Jones and Tyrone Henry)
  15. This Is For You (featuring Jahaziel)
  16. Mc Hate Alot Part 2 (featuring Comedian Chris Williams)

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