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The Ego Has Landed

This song is by Dutchmassive and appears on the album Junk Planet (2004).

(Verse 1 - Dutchmassive)
Up jumps the organic cyborg with rage in his eyeballs
Holdin' down the tropic states while Celph is gone
Farenheight 813
My city builds energy to enter mad placibility
I'm certified blazin'
My weight gains irrelevant
90% fat and the other 10 was edited
I am Dutchmassive
I'll blast you idiots into a thousand little micro-dots
(?) Chop your body, drop to a quickness
I have no gats or guns my tongue is viscous
You cannot beat me
I'll break your backbone, crack you chest over my knee
MC's is garbage, you duds is harmless
I'll walk across the earth armless causing carnage
You don't know shit!
FLA is dumb hot we been said this
And this is the last straw...
I've already optioned all...
My patience has worn out
And I'm callin' out you whores
Bow to the motherfucking God
That brought you that I tropic state type butter baby par
Then one that had you cats screaming, "Fuck them all!"
The one that had you cats jumpin' off the walls
I ain't righteous but I know enough to leave you mic-less
Despite the fact that I know this isn't right
But gimme that mic
You wanna defeat me? That's impossible
My God complex has rendered me unstoppable
This arsenal carrying character is known to stare at cha
And laugh at whatever assholes attempting breakin' barriers
I zipped past your pathetic, energetic complex rhymes
I listened to you over and over; maybe I'll get you next time
Who knows? Who cares? I don't give a fuck man I'm the dopest
No longer lyricist
So many lines that I'ma quote as many quotables that make my shit noticeable
Wack lyricists are a few but I'ma keep emceeing, I'm supposed to
Think of hip hop, what would happen if I never rhymed again?
Mass suicide rates, eventually hip hop would and
You can pretend and then you sit and realize two minutes later
That I dissed you kid! I guess now I'ma playa hater
Now really in reality I really come on clear
Stay on top of the world like our fucked up atmosphere

I'm a fresh MC if you please
I'm a fresh MC if you don't please

(Verse 2 - Dutchmassive)
"What's your name big daddy?"
I think y'all know that shit by now
The most remarkable
Sparkle from the volume which is loud
I gained braggin' rights
Its okay you're on my tip
Do me one favour kiddo jump up off my dick
I know I'm fly, dope voice, and one cat from Equilibrium
Got hella fresh skills. Guess what? I keep on buildin' them
Put my rhymes into an ADAT
We wack? Man who say that?
(???), Now I'm gonna stick this axe in his back
And keep swinging and swinging repeatedly
This cat thought he was beating me?
Death to man that try to battle D immediately
I swear I dare the very last human to steal my last nerve
I swear his life's ruined
I knew cats was dum-dums and idiots
When they started kickin' those science project big-word lyrics
Don't nobody wanna hear that shit
It's okay to have fun but y'all look so serious
I'm curious, are you so insecure,
That you hide you're so stupid by using big words?
Y'all is nerds always talkin' 'bout your verbs
And your lyrical this and that. That shit is dead you herbs
I'm sick of all y'all yelling independent
That's deaded
Just cause you have a CD-R you're no veteran
Cats like you should drop dead and be beheaded
Yo, I'm a legend

I'm a fresh MC if you please
I'm a fresh MC if you don't please

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