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Let Me Down Easy

This song is by Dusty Springfield and appears on the album See All Her Faces (1972) and on the album Dusty In London - Dusty Springfield's Lost British Recordings (1999).

Now, if you're gonna let me down
Let me down easy
So I won't be too hurt
After you've gone, ah honey

If you're gonna set me down
Set me down easy
From that special cloud
You put me on, ooh-hoo

Let me down easy
Oh baby
Let me down slow
So slow and easy, oh
And if you're gonna leave me, baby
Baby please leave me
A little memory
To soften the fall, ooh-hoo

Let me down easy, easy
You gotta do it
You gotta do it
You gotta let me down slow
So slow, slow

If you're gonna let me down
Sweet baby
Let me down so easy
So I can't be too hurt after you've gone, ooh baby, ah, ha, yeah

Ah, baby, baby, baby, baby
Do it for me, do it, do it, ah, yeah
(From that special cloud)
You put me on
You put me on it, oh, yeah
Now if you're gonna let me down
Let me down easy


Written by:

John Simon / Al Stillman

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