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Brick Fare

This song is by Dusty Mcfly.

I know a bunch of real niggas
Just like me but I see a bunch
Of fake niggas just like you when I
Break this bitch down watch how
I feed my whole crew life of chicken
On my neck life of chickens in my coupe

Got damn my nigga wassup wit dat slick
Stare is you on that tippin her is it
Bcuz my shit glare yeah I seen yo
Bitch in here but she was all slick air
And put them petty jewels up if that shit
Ain't brick fare I pull up in front of Cobo
08 astin 4 door gone off dat rozmo flo so
Breitling fuck a jojo I seen a bad bitch
And start flexin and chillin' her man caught
Her lookin' and start catchin some feelings
Got damn boy would you plese let these hoes choose still whippin chunkie bans can't fit em' in the trues
Still stuffin fluffy grams can't fit em' in the
Tubes still countin' old money I be fuckin' wit
Dem Jews and these hoes be gettin' hit that's
Just how the game go it take pro's to get rich
Make dat cash yo main hoe I be range rove 'cause
The city too hot you couldn't name anotha nigga
In the city this hot

(Random female Voice)
Broke ass petty ass nigga wearin that cubic
Circonia chain you prob got that from northland
Say you eatin benihanas bitch you really be at
China 1 nigga wearin Waun buffs go getcho own
Get yo cash up you weak as hell bitch ass nigga

Niggas talk about that cash but I don't see em' in the "D"
Niggas talkin' bout that bag but I don't see em' in a "Z"
Catch me out here flexin left 'cause I got muscle
In these streets so don't you ever ever ever think
You fuckin' wit me look boy just check my salary
These ice white buffs is flattering that platinum
Rollie master piece look like its out the gallery
Wat I gotta stunt fo' ay bitch wat I gotta front fo'
Nigga try to rob me he won't make it to the front door
Gone off dat gan plus that spade be in my system
And I be bossin up 'cause that blade be in my system
I go crazy I go skitzo in that cedes' or that
Izzo on dat cash money like baby on that faygo

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