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Thy Bitter Woe

This song is by Dusk and appears on the album ...Majestic Thou In Ruin (1995).

I, the ancient scholar
Hath seen it all
So grey
Envision the ambient scene
Unearthly cold beckons
In tender reproach
The frozen tide recedes

My sleeping daughter
Her asundered limbs decay

Drown in thy bitter woe
The last bitter symphonies
Like fallen snow

A symbol of thine eyes; sullen...
Ravaged dark embrace
Encompassing harrow

Angry skies
Bring lasting rains
Obscuring clouds
My voice

Relegated to the deadend oaks
Thy servants, squabble, meek at last
Her taker steps forth

Through mental subversion
His visible cortex now adorn alas...
The melancholy subsides

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