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The Transfiguration (And It Was So)

This song is by Dusk and appears on the album ...Majestic Thou In Ruin (1995).

As the brook gently utters
Thine heart yearns for light deep
Within the season of incipient decline

As dawn erupts, I long to wake
Unforgettable echoes of the lyre sift
No solace found, but within my own; tranquil streams litter the valleys

I procede through the forests
Everflowing willows speak endlessly with dated words, words of melancholy.

And so ahead, a precipice of majestic stance
We weep as one creating the fall atop.
As evening falls I remember my aura.
And far across the way the souls of lost embraced as one
They prayed for me
At once night left, for the sun hath looked down on me

And it was so...
...And it was so...