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This song is by Dusk and appears on the album ...Majestic Thou In Ruin (1995).

All scourges passed
The world shrinks
Saddened by eloquence pure
Taketh thy verse
We shall suffer acutely
O' great lake of tears
A solemn mass sung
From olden catacombs
Pale men lie wreathed
...In gloom

Frolicking wings of monarch, doth crumble and morning dew shall

Too oft I weep
For our discord begotten
As every last eye will close.

A shoreline haven succumbed, to mirage inevitable

Embrace within our weakend arms

Shan't we view our fallen oaks
Timid fawns
Shed sullen tears

I, a worn man
Forced to submit
Manifest grief

Therefore I withdraw my pen in nocturnal repose

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