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The Other Side

This song is by Dungeon and appears on the album A Rise To Power (2002).

Making the play, the future is mine
Seizing the day, walking the line
Here I stand, just a man with his life in his hands
With tooth and nail and hand over fist I climb
On and on...

A dream of a life far from here
I know one day I'll find...

A better way
A brighter day
The perfect life
Is on the other side

A chance for me
To live the dream
The grass is green
On the other side...

Reaching the top and I wonder, is this all there is?
All those years that I walked the line
Played the role, took it's toll
On this goldfish bowl I call life
From every direction a voice -
Don't know which way to turn...

I search for a life far from here
The one I left behind...

Another headline, another fallen star
Are we better off where we are?

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