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Lucifer's Eyes

This song is by Dunderbeist and appears on the album Second Hand Theft (2008).

Tired all the time
I shut down the blinds
Of my visions babe
All the despicable lies
That follow the ties
Of my old fashioned ways

I speak through to teeth
And I rise to my feet
They got nothing on me
The Lucifer Eyes
And six hundred denials
Mean nothing to me

I can't settle with this
I can't burn another bridge
I stumble in darkness
I know what's come over me
And it's feeding on my head

The morning star is shining abroad this wasteland babe
It pulls me under this self-righteous monster is munching on me
I dry my wet cheek and I stare out through these bloodshot eyes
The crooked horns and the shadow of the storm is calling on me
I was praying for it
To solve itself
But then it turned black

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