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On Her Mind

This song is by Duncan Sheik and appears on the album Daylight (2002).

She's wearing the t-shirt
of a band I really like
maybe that's coincidence
maybe that's alright

I keep thinking about the way
she said "I'll see you soon"
was it more than words?

I'm just tryin' to find
what's on her mind?

I don't know when I'll see her
but I'm sure that I will
it's just another matter of time
some more time to kill

I can imagine so many things
her and I sometime in the spring
...something's happening

I'm just tryin' to find
what's on her mind?

I want peace but I don't make it
I want love but I don't give it
I want hope but I can't find it
and I want her to heal me

she's wearing the t-shirt
of my favorite band
I should have told her
that I was a fan

people say I should just leave it be
leave it up to destiny
but that ain't for me

I'm just tryin' to find
what's on her mind?

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