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Lo And Behold

This song is by Duncan Sheik and appears on the album Phantom Moon (2001).

Simeon, he was a man
Held his heart out in his hand
A hollow land of autumn breeze
Evenings in the brittle rain
Leaves that fill the barren plain
With simple pain embroideries
In the temple yesterday
Was a man, who came to pray
Who couldn't stay and couldn't leave

So, he feel down on his knees
Sued for grace and sued for peace
A little ease, and not to grieve
Marion, she met a man
Took her to Jerusalem
To take a stand, escape a scene
To wander in the honey sea
Drink the milk of Memory
And never be herself again

In the temple yesterday
Was a woman came to pray
Who couldn't say, and couldn't see
So, she fell down on her knees
Sued for grace and sued for peace
Sued the priest to set her free

Lo, lo and behold
Lo, lo and behold

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