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Save This Moment For Me

This song is by Duncan James and appears on the album Future Past (2006).

I don't know what it is about you
But you're always on my mind
I don't know if you feel the same way I do
'Cause we're running out of time
I just need you to know
There's a memory I hold
And I wanted to share it with you ...

So won't you... save this moment for me
Close your eyes and you'll feel
I am right here beside you
And I'm holding your hand
So ... let this moment be yours
Even though we're apart
Understand that I still love you
We're living sperate life
But right now its time... save this moment for me

I just want you to trust me
And I want you to care ...oh
If it's too late for us now
Keep this moment be shared
I just want you to know
If you're ever alone
Call my name and I'll always be there

If I could go back in time
There will be no doubt in your mind
Of how much I love you...

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