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It Goes Without Saying (2000)Edit

Dum Dums - It Goes Without Saying

It Goes Without Saying

  1. The Kind Of Day I've Had
  2. Everything
  3. Caught Me In A Trap
  4. Until My Ship Comes In
  5. Can't Get You Out Of My Thoughts
  6. You Knock Me Off My Feet
  7. Killing Me With Kindness
  8. Lonely Hearts Company
  9. You Do Something To Me
  10. Hole In Your Heart
  11. Army Of Two
  12. Losing Your Mind (US Bonus Track)
  13. Setting Sail (Hidden Track)

Album Two Demos (2001)Edit

Dum Dums - Album Two Demos

Album Two Demos

  1. Closer To You
  2. Sometimes I Get The Feeling
  3. Teen Sensations
  4. Photographs
  5. You're Holding My Hand, But I'm Not Holding Yours
  6. Why Do I Want What I Haven't Got?
  7. Travelling At Speed
  8. Perspective
  9. The Ghost Gets Around
  10. Everyday I Talk To God
  11. I Woke Up (But The World Was Sleeping)
  12. The Postponed Life
  13. Kid Set Fire
  14. Animal Memoirs
  15. United Nations
  16. The Seeker (Part One)
  17. Everything You See Is For Sale
  18. Are You Receiving Me Clearly?
  19. I Can't Please Myself


Everything Single

  1. Losing Your Mind
  2. Mr. Executive
  3. Lucy's About To Beach

Can't Get You Out Of My Thoughts Single

  1. Boyband
  2. Plastic Flowers
  3. All Hooked Up On You
  4. Equal Spread Of Sunshine

You Do Something To Me Single

  1. It Goes Without Saying
  2. Robot Boy
  3. I Can't Stand It
  4. Running Away

Army Of Two Single

  1. You Want It You Got It
  2. Who Knows The Way



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Band members:
  • Josh Doyle - Lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitar.
  • Steve Clarke - Bass guitar & backing vocals.
  • Stuart Wilkinson - Drums & backing vocals.
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