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Idle Pursuits

This song is by Duels.

I am a simple child
A life () with number one
Please do not waste my time
For I am an only ()
So lonely

Tell your friend he can shut his mouth
I do not tolerate drunken fools
See the divide between north and south

You see he says
We all make mistakes
But I'm not like you people

I know better than to waste my time
On idle pursuits, idle pursuits
Won't get you nowhere
Idle pursuits, idle pursuits

Relationships come and go
But the () starts to fade
I see no meaning in what you know
It does not benefit me at all

As far as I can see
A lonely life spent by yourself
Is so much more productive
Try get results, I get results

You see he says... etc

I know better than to... etc (x2)

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