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​The Undoing (Every Day)

This song is by Dudley Saunders and appears on the album The Billy White Acre Sessions (2005).

These hands
Of mine
Unslap this child
You teach
His tears to turn around
And uncry
Can you undrink
That one too many bottles of wine
Can you undo
Our undoing
By undoing
That line

Every day
Every day
Every day
Every day now
Every day
Any day now
All it takes
Is each and every day

Can you unbreak
That plate
That shattered into the wall
You learn
To unburn
All the rubber
You burned down the road to hell and
This knife of ours
Uncut the scars
That go running up and down your arms
Your dad unleave
Your mom unbleed
Can you unbelieve
That you re worth nothing

Every day

You can get what you need
When you give up what you think you want
You shall be released
When you see release
Takes each day you ve got

Unscream the hurting things
And then we will unhear
Unwind the time
And give us time
To find out
How to unfear
Unfreeze the cold
Unage the old
And we ll und ream
Our worst nightmares
Unhit unfight
Unleave unlie
Unhate undie
Until it s all all right

Every day