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This song is by Dudley Saunders and appears on the album Restore (1996).

Let them bring it forth
Let them show us what will happen
Let them show the former things
Show the things that are to come
That we may know if you are god
Do good do evil
That we may be dismayed
But you are nothing
And your work is nothing
An abomination
Is he who chooses

But I have raised up one
From the north
And he shall come
With the rising of the sun
To open up the blind eyes
To bring the prisoners out of the prison houses
And them that sit in darkness

I have a long time holden my peace
I have been still and refrained myself
Now I'll cry
I will destroy
And devour at once

Is not sufficient
For burning

This is a people robbed and spoiled
We are all of us snared in holes
We are hid in prison houses
We are for a prey and none delivereth
For a spoil and nobody says