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​I Come With Three Wounds

This song is by Dudley Saunders and appears on the album Restore (1996).

I come with three wounds in my side
And bleed on the porch
My pick-up shines moonlight
Won't you light up the door

I'm too long on my own
Yes I've buddies I know
But none of them know
What I was 'fore I's grown
Are your bellies so full
That my voice has no pull
Are you warm in your wool
Yes I've broken your rules
And flown

I come with three wounds in my side
And wait in the yard
Your windows the color of night
I have travelled so far

Just to stand here again
With my pockets of sin
Full of places I've been
I was blown by your wind
Come and bandage my side
I'm what became of your child
You are sleeping inside
You should come help me die
Cause soon I will be done