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Restore (1996)Edit

Dudley Saunders - Restore
  1. I Come With Three Wounds
  2. Breath
  3. Down By The Bus Station I Lay Down My Sword And Wept
  4. By The Waters of Babylon I Drove My Car
  5. My Prime
  6. Trying Not To Disappear
  7. Gutter Broke
  8. Shotgun
  9. Jacob's Ladder
  10. Lebanon

The Billy White Acre Sessions (2005)Edit

Dudley Saunders - The Billy White Acre Sessions
The Billy White Acre Sessions
  1. The Undoing (Every Day)
  2. Truck Of The Rising Sun
  3. Daddy When He Sings (Dead Bird Fly)
  4. Locust
  5. Love In Crystal
  6. Disgrace

The Emergency Lane (2007)Edit

Dudley Saunders - The Emergency Lane
The Emergency Lane
  1. Look For Me
  2. Love Song for Jeffrey Dahmer
  3. The Rain on 8th Avenue
  4. Take Me Back Home Again
  5. Bad Driver
  6. Mushy-Headed Kid
  7. Side of Sane
  8. Jesus Didn't Love Us Enough
  9. The Winding Sheet
  10. Bina's Radio
  11. The Wild Men
  12. Seventeen
  13. The Wagoner's Lad

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