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Then Will Be Never

This song is by Duct Tape.

The summers started
And I'm already missin' you

I wrestle with the sheets
Just to catch some sleep

Can you tell I'm not lying

I lie at the beach
And draw pictures of you in the sand
A lie to myself
And picture you holdin' my hand

I'll never give up I bet your fed up with
My intentions to try to soften it again

I study your smell
And stick my nose out in the fog

I single you out,
And stare straight through the crowd

Sifting out the bad ones from the worse
I'll always come in 2nd and your always in first

I'll pretend that I let you win
You know I'm lying but you still let me in

Do you lie at the beach
And draw pictures of me in the sand
And think you lie to yourself
And picture me, holding your hand

You never give up, your never fed up with
My attempts to try to soften it.

Cause once every hour of the day this happened
You asked me to remember but you never demanded
Me, to see, you all alone

Do you ever feel that I'm thinking of you (ever think)
While I'm sitting alone thinking of you,(I'm thinking of you)
'Cause I think you do ('cause I still think you do)

Now we lie at the beach
And play like kids in the sand
And we're such as charm
We hold it clenched in our hands

You whisper loud, just in hope to hear
Tomorrow isn't it my dear
Everyday until were sick of one another
'Cause we both know now that THEN WILL BE NEVER

In bed
I choose not tell you what before has already
Been said, for you, I'm silent

Your head
Is placed against mine
There's no time

Left to live

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