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Now And Ever After

This song is by Dublin Fair.

'Twas a morning fair when I walked out
down by Greenwood meadows.
Fairies danced in the misty dew,
the sun it chased the shadows.

By Spencil Hill I chanced to spy,
a maid so quite adoring
so sweetly she sang Avondale
it set my hearth a-roving.

Love it fell out of the blue
and I went tumbling after.
I only want to be with you
for now and ever after.

Her hair was black as a ravens wing,
her eyes were deep blue oceans
Skin was purest lily white
she set my heart a roving.

Boldly then she took my hand
my love she whispered gently,
come follow me to Avondale
where you and I shall marry


Like the morning mist she danced her way
down through Greenwood valley.
And in the sky the sun she rose
and chased the nightly shadows.

I stopped to pick a rose so red
to give to my true loved one,
but when I looked the mist was gone
and so was my lover.

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