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Do Dat

This song is by Drunken Tiger.

Do dat, do dat, do da da dat I start my rhyme with manuvers like a
As I resume to autopilot and lay back up in the climate
Hey! I wanna travel to the spots where the ladies lay,
Catchin' sun there ain't no rainy days
As I parade through your scenery, the greenery can get you fated
Elevated comprehention toward the words I stated
When I'm at my peak, I bust stylesas I speak
Suckers, they runnin' up
That's butt-mad because they're weak
Ya never ever thought that I would bust a rap
Ya never ever thought that I would get to snappin' on ya
Representin' westside
Girls they runnin' up to get shook 'cause you're a goner I'mma bomb ya, flippin' lyricslike bennihana...
Youz a bomba? I'll put you on my guest-list'cause I'd like to invite ya to pick up the mic
And fight ya
Bite ya tungue
If you proceed to need a beating, then I might just...
It's ya death-wish, kid, once ya enter my fortress
Pass the torcheses so they can scorcheses ya
To the henchmen this lyrist leavin' nothing but blemishes;Please sweep up their ashes and wipe'em off the promise
They been dismissed images from the emphasis
Of a apostles that I had de-molculed down the fossil
Set up as art work in
Roscoe to flossthe nostrils
Leaving the them wack
MCs dehydrated and they hated
They must be faded off the ginseng weeds and fuses
Poisoneous incense that was lit to get you bent
Won't pull a heart-attack just like that caused by the rhyme.
So if you can't hang, you best recline
Sitting in your lazy-boy chair while I'm there
Classical rear on your
Put on your 3-D glasses or else how could you see me
Or wanna be me the mic-genie invisible?*
Back in the days I used to be a lad of ten
It didn't matter then but my friends.
So my pop thought I was madder
Than my mama giving a birth, shaking the earth or the whole planet
When it came to drop bomb
He was a
Buddha with them slanted eyes and another words. I'm wise and
Now, why do you need a visine?
You can't see me as I'm rising like the sun.
Have you fallin' like a sunset.
Go back and practice your wackness
When I smack this on time

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