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On Me

This song is by Dru Hill and appears on the album Dru World Order (2002).

"On Me"
(Feat. N.O.R.E.)

Yo, I can't even make a ghetto joint without even thinkin' about a chick

This is hot right here
ILL combination, Dru Hill, N.O.R.E, Thugged out Millitainment
We gonna get it poppin'

Dru Hill, I don't think they ready
You won't have a cluelalalalala

(Verse 1. (Jazz))
Shorty you can't deny, Sisqo, Woody, Scola, and Nokio
Makes you wanna do freaky sh-t you neva eva did before
Put your hands up and move your body
Touch your P--sy for me, yeah
Mix it up, put it down, I'm spendin shorty

Put it on me (And you know just what to do)
Put it on me (and you know I'm gon get physical to this)
To this hot beat that makes your heart beat,
Makes you wanna, (give it up now)
Give it up, give it up, give it up right now

Here come niggas down the street

(Verse 2: (Sisqo))
Ooh that's that racket, that's that racket, turn the volume up
Yo it remind of that beat, that beat, that bump, that bump, that bump, that bump
It's that hot beat, that makes the hotties wanna put it on me
So give it up, give it up, give it up right now

Put it on me (you gotta get this from the hood)
Put it on me (I'll make you love me while I'll freak you to this)
To this hot beat that makes your heart beat
Makes you wanna give it up, give it up, give it up right now

Yo, I make it hapalappen
Play it off in the cadalacin
Shorty checkin' my phone that ain't crackin'
Chick be easy, give a lil heasy
Once I cum easy, get out the 9 measy
She asked Papi, shhhhh negative choppin
Straight grimmy
Hard dick and no shoppin'
In the club get ya drunk Like (datadah)
And mami took it propa like (datadah)
Gotta new deal, cat. truck wita new grill
It's a reunion nigga, wit Dru Hill
And I still get my drink on, loud and buzzin
Def Jams own, Pootey Tang's first cousin
(And no) muthaf--kas won't stop my game
(And no) I get probs like a boxin name yeah
You sing every time a nigga appear
Two chicks on my arm plus a blunt in my ear, it go...

-It got you open, hopin, stroke this, dopest, dopest, dopest
Rollin', these beatz be helpin, hopin, open, stroke this, focus
Just can't deny, Sisqo, Woody, and Scola, Nokio and Jazz...

I don't mind, move your body

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