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Nothing To Prove

This song is by Dru Hill and appears on the album Dru Hill (1996).

Girl I ain't got nothing to prove
I ain't got nothing to lose
I'm just a man that's sooo in love with you
Girl I ain't nothing to prove
I ain't got nothing to lose
I'm just a man that's soooo

Jazz singing:
You say I'm much too young
To take you for a ride
Scared about what your friends might say

Background: They say it don't look right

Jazz singing:
I say they must be crazy
Can't you make up your mind, and if I'm too young lady
then I won't waste your time


Woody Singing:
I wanna treat you special lady
Do the things other guys won't do

Everybody: Shopping sprees in Paris only if you want me to

Jazz singing:
Ain't got no mansion baby

Woody singing:
No big house on the hill
But if you

Everybody:let me baby, I'll show you that I got skills.

repeat chorus twice

Said I'm not too young to know
And I'm not too old to grow
And I'm not too shy to show
That I got these feelings for you

Jazz singing:
They won't never ever go
Girl just let me treat you right
I'll take you outtttt


Jazz singing:
Got nothing to prove

repeat chorus until fade

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