Dru Hill:Never Stop Loving You Lyrics

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Never Stop Loving You

This song is by Dru Hill and appears on the album Dru World Order (2002).

You know i'll never stop wanting you
You know i'll never stop needing you
You know i'll never stop loving you
Without you I can't do a thing

Verse 1
Girl,I wonder what went wrong
Where we fell apart
From a love that was so strong
I wonder where our hearts got lost
Some where twisted and now
I'm trying to pull my self from off the ground
Girl I just want to know where, how, and who are you loving now

All I know
I need you now
Need to work it out some how
Cause I can see your part of me
With you is were I need to be
Need to be
I want to know why

Chorus (2x)

Verse 2:
I'm puzzled
Heart is slowly dying
Cause I don't know
Why I keep on trying
When you're so cold
Why I keep on crying only heaven knows
It's something deep inside
I just can't let it go
And I'm about to loose my mind
Girl I can't sleep no more
Can't eat no more
Girl I'm falling down
This is all because we had a falling out
I never meant to go that route

Verse 3:
Won't you pull me from the pain I feel inside
Enough to make the strongest man break down and cry
Would you come and wipe these tear drops from my eyes
Loosing you is like loosing my mind
Cause I need you in my life
I want to know why

Chorus (2x)

I've loved you all my life
And I've learned sometimes we sacrifice
Do whatever it takes
To make love turn out right

Chorus (2x)
Extended Chorus

Baby I can't live another day
Without you in my life
Won't be the same
Oh what would I do
Can't take the pain
What would I do
Won't be the same
What would I say
Girl things have change
Girl, I can't leave you
Oh. . .
Come back to me baby (till fade)