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In My Bed

This song is by Dru Hill and appears on the album Dru Hill (1996).

No, no, no
No this can't be true

I got this feeling, and I just can't turn it loose
That somebody's been getting next to you
I don't want to walk around knowin' I was your fool
'Cause being the man that I am, I just can't lose my cool

My friends keep telling me about the things that's going on babe
But deep in my heart baby I hope that I'm wrong
Yes I hope I'm wrong but I know it babe

Somebody's sleeping in my bed, my bed baby
Somebody's takin' my place (baby)
Somebody's sleeping in my bed baby
And you know just what I mean, oh oh oh oh oh!

I come home early expecting your warm embrace
But something is wrong 'cause its written all over your face
It hurt so bad when I walk through the door
But 'cha know one damn thing baby, I ain't coming back no more
No no no

Now don't try to tell me things are still the same
'Cause when we made love I heard you call out his name
Call out his name

Somebody's sleeping in my bed tonight baby
Somebody's taking Sisqo's place
Somebody's sleeping in my bed baby
Somebody's taking my place, yeah

Girl I want you to know
I gave you money and every li'l thing that you need
I gave you the world (yes I did) 'cause you were my girl (oh yes I did)
But you still ran out on me oh yeah

Said you're sleeping in my bed
Messin' with my head ooh
Tell me why, oh why oh why
Why oh why oh why
Why oh why oh why oh why oh why said you're
Sleeping in my bed
Messin' with my head
Somebody's takin' my place
Oh yeah

Now if you truly love me (all right)
Then this would not be happenin'
Sleepin' in my bed, messin' with my head
Oh no no no no, gotta let you go

Yes I do, baby babe
Why'd you do it
Why'd you do it
I don't wanna be a fool no more

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