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If God Loves A Good Winner... (Born To Break Even)

This song is by Drowningman and appears on the album Rock And Roll Killing Machine (2000).

Those who are chosen do not ask why
If they ask say we don't care
When you're not here we're glad your there, we've still got our eyes in back
If they ask we didn't ask, we just want our bullets back
We'll stand on line to watch you die
Historically oppressed
Repeatedly marginalized made to stand on stupid lines
Back rooms and detention halls
Think of all the lives you'd save
Your corner offices freshly painted interiors every last one will become your mass graves
Say something anything at all if I was you and I'm glad I'm not all they'd hear is one gun shot
Born to break even
We're taking over-weak willed
Dedicated sinners
God knows, god loves a good winner

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