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How They Light Cigarettes in Prison

This song is by Drowningman and appears on the EP How They Light Cigarettes In Prison (2000).

Crazy Charlie did it again, lights out assholes
Sharp shiv
Knuckles knives
Lights out again
Stay alive (one more night)
Calm precision, sharp incision cuts holes in you
Doesn't matter what it was
Now we're all fucked because: twisty ties
Words won't make it work, it just won't make it light
When the lights go out on the whole cell block they pull their rusty shanks from behind their b acks and walk the floor waiting for the perfect time
You lie with your head in the pillow praying, crying
Telling yourself everything's going to be all right
But it's not; not at all
Guns and knives behind their eyes
The things you say drive me crazy
The "ifs" and "buts" are driving me nuts
Seems the same thing happens every time
What this is, electrical

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