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Bonegrinder (2001)Edit

Drowned - Bonegrinder


  1. Who Is The King?
  2. The Most Destructive Art
  3. Men Who Break Bones
  4. Third Master
  5. Spiritual Force To Kill
  6. Words From The Pit
  7. Learn To Obey
  8. Where Dark And Light Divide
  9. Wisdom Without Direction
  10. Praying For The One Who's Left
  11. Blood Sand
  12. Come And Taste The Victory

Back From Hell (2002)Edit

Drowned - Back From Hell

Back From Hell

  1. Back From Hell
  2. Rhymes Of Death
  3. Demonic Cross
  4. Evil Darkness Inside
  5. The Curse
  6. Bestial Devastation
  7. Bloody Sand
  8. Destroyer
  9. The Laws Of Scourge
  10. The Fucking Twins (Satan & God)
  11. Bonegrinder (Demo Version)
  12. Wisdom Without Direction (Demo Version)

Butchery Age (2003)Edit

Drowned - Butchery Age

Butchery Age

  1. Butchery Age Has Come
  2. When To Kill Is A Worthy Job
  3. Hate Is A Greater Thing To Feel
  4. The Beginning End
  5. Heroes Dies First
  6. Massacre Is Justice
  7. Cry Your Dead Way
  8. Natural Born Killers
  9. The Peace Comes To Destroy
  10. Armies Of Dead Men
  11. Reign Of Slaughters
  12. Hell Made With Certain Measure

By The Grace Of Evil (2004)Edit

Drowned - By the Grace of Evil

By the Grace of Evil

  1. XIII Chapter (Nothing Stops The Killing)
  2. The Hell March
  3. Godless Field
  4. Kill The Lambs
  5. AK-47
  6. The Son Will Not Return
  7. No God For Apes
  8. ...Only A Business!!!
  9. Poke Your Wounds
  10. All Will Be Fine... (...If We All Are Dead!)

Bio-Violence (2006)Edit

Drowned - Bio-Violence


  1. New Rome Arises
  2. Bio-Violence
  3. The Fossil Target
  4. Genesis Of Chaos
  5. Dead Sunshine For A Better World
  6. People Born To Hate People
  7. Eyes Bent For Own Navel
  8. Drown The Revolution
  9. The Friendly Oppressor
  10. Hypnosis Against The Tribes

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