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Hold On To The Hollow (1994)Edit

Drown - Hold On To The Hollow
Hold On To The Hollow
  1. I Owe You
  2. Pieces Of Man
  3. Beautiful
  4. What It Is To Burn
  5. Longing
  6. Transparent
  7. Lost
  8. Reflection
  9. Arms Full Of Empty
  10. Everything

Transparent (1994)Edit

Drown - Tranparent
  1. Transparent
  2. Embrace

Product Of A Two Faced World (1998)Edit

Drown - Product Of A Two Faced World
Product Of A Two Faced World
  1. You Never Listened
  2. The Day I Walked Away
  3. 1605 (for my suffering)
  4. Kerosene
  5. Tired Of Living Like This
  6. Alone In A Dirty World
  7. Redial
  8. My Private War
  9. Need This Need
  10. The Dirtiest Hand
  11. Two Faced You
  12. Monster
  13. Demon Food
  14. Kerosene (Mi Vida Loca Verción) (iTunes re-release bonus track)
  15. Kerosene (1605 All*Star Version) (iTunes re-release bonus track)
  16. Something To Do (iTunes re-release bonus track)

Kerosene (1999)Edit

Drown - Kerosene
  1. Kerosene (Radio Version)
  2. Kerosene (Mi Vida Loca Verción)
  3. Kerosene (1605 All Star Version)
  4. Kerosene (Album Version)
  5. Something To Do

Throwing Away The Demos (2011)Edit

Drown - Throwing Away The Demos
Throwing Away The Demos
  1. Chiseled Away
  2. Faceless Man
  3. Stranger, Killer, King
  4. Four Years Gone
  5. The Selfish Ones
  6. Throwing Away The World

Additional information

Band members:
  • Lauren Boquette
  • Marco Forcone
Former members:
  • Joseph Bishara
  • Rob Nicholson
  • Pat Sprawl
  • Sean Demott
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