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This song is by Dropkick Murphys and appears on the album Do Or Die (1998).

You grew up honest and straight.
Always one of the guys
The, laughs, the brew, good friends forever
"Drinking Commaradeie"
But then one night you were takenfrom
us, gone forever lost
Stolen away in an Ashmont Second
and I'll never forget, the Cost

Chorus: He was a kid from the neighborhood
Cut down in a brutal fight on
A cold and lonely Ashmont Night

Comin up in a Turbulent Neighborhood, he
always stood upright
When things would turn for the wrongful
doing, Rob went to the right
But he was never given a chance to traverse
down life's path
Nw with all these things put into
perspective, Noble this one's for you


Never forget the great person you were,
The pain and loss still burn
So much you had, but never realized
it never came your turn



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