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Boys On The Docks

This song is by Dropkick Murphys and appears…

Say hey Johnny boy,
The battle call,
United we stand, divided we fall.
Together we are
What we can't be alone
We came to this country
You made it our home.

This man so humble,
This man so brave,
A legend to many,
He fought to his grave.
Saved family and friends
From the hardship and horror.
In a land of depression
He gave hope for tomorrow.
Say Johnny me boy
This one's for you.
With the strength of many
And the courage of few.
To what do we owe this man
Who's fight was for the masses,
He gave his life.

A friend to the locals who dabbled in crime.
He'd give you a job
And he'd give you his time.
He wasn't a crook
But he couldn't be conned.
Jon knew the difference between right and wrong.
Say Johnny me boy,
You live here no longer
Others forgotten,
Your memory's stronger
Let's drink to the causes in your life,.
Your family, your friends, the union, your wife

And the boys on the docks needed Jon for sure
When they came to this country
He opened the door.
He said men "I'll tell ya
They don't like our kind.
Though it starts with your fist
It must end with your mind."

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