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I Feel Fine

This song is by Dropbox and appears on the album Dropbox (2004).

Rip apart my only means to unwind
Swim through the mud
I am a slave to the mind
Who ever would deny
Themselves to the world
Tell us a story
Of a sickness ignored

I feel fine
Losing time

Where are the days where
Simple pleasures are made
I've tripped and found myself
Right into a grave
Let's weep together so
I won't feel alone
This better end
So I can stand on my own

I feel fine
Loseing time
I'm all right
Lose my mind

You don't know
How much strength
And control
If I could tell between
The new and the old
My state of consciousness
Would widden to see
All of my sickness
Was caused by me

I feel fine
Loseing time
I'm all right
Losing my mind

I feel fine

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