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In Vogue (2006)Edit

In Vogue

In Vogue

  1. Dressed for Friend Requests
  2. Girl, Are You on Your...
  3. E.R.
  4. Well, I Never...
  5. Knife Vs. Face, Round 1
  6. Marietta
  7. Are You Happy
  8. Fashion Your Seatbelts
  9. In Vogue
  10. Daniel, Where's the Boat?
  11. The Show Must Go On

Worse Than a Fairy Tale (2007)Edit

Worse Than A Fairy Tale

Worse Than A Fairy Tale

  1. Red or White Wine?
  2. Drawing the Devil
  3. The Pleasure to End all Pleasures
  4. Worse Than a Fairy Tale
  5. They'll Never Get Me (Word With You)
  6. It Sounded Like an Accident
  7. 45223
  8. It's Pretty Hard to Beat the King
  9. Donner, Party of Five
  10. Saylor Lake
  11. Bye Bye Blues (The Whole West Coast Is Ruined)
  12. I Want to Master Life and Death

The Hot N' Heavy (2009)Edit

The Hot N' Heavy cover

The Hot N' Heavy

  1. Killing a Classic
  2. Southern Lovin' (Belle of the Ball)
  3. Beat the Devil Out of It
  4. Two Birds, One Stone
  5. Sue Simmons! Watch Your Mouth!
  6. Fame
  7. (The) Internet Killed the Video Star
  8. Can't Fight Biology
  9. There's No Business Like Snow Business
  10. Interlude 1
  11. Dirtier Than You Want to Know
  12. We're Planning, God's Laughing


Be Mine, Valentine (2006)Edit

Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Be Mine, Valentine

Be Mine, Valentine

  1. Forever Scarlet
  2. Bullets Are Scene
  3. Knife Vs. Face, Round 1
  4. Love Is Murder
  5. Well, I Never Knew You Were So Much Fun
  6. Knife Vs. Face, Round 2

Misc. SongsEdit


  1. Swing (cover of "Swing" by Savage)

Additional information

Band members:

  • Danny "Stills" Stillman - lead vocals, keyboards, guitars, piano, programming
  • Kyle Browning - lead guitar, programming, synthesizers, electronics, backing vocals
  • Jake Hansen - bass, backing vocals
  • Danny Cooper - drums

Former members:

  • Aaron Rothe - keyboards, paino, synthesizers, programming, electronics, backing vocals (2004-2008)
  • Judah Leary - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2004-2005)
  • Jonathan "Duck" Leary - keyboards, piano, programming, synthesizers, electronics, percussion, backing vocals (2008-2009)
  • Dan Gustavson - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2005-2009)
  • Jacob Belcher - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2009-2010)

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