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This song is by Drive Like Maria and appears on the album Creator, Preserver, Destroyer (2017).

In the night,
In the cold windows,
I'm tyred of chasing your gost
It is time, trying to let go
But it ain't easy no no no no
But it ain't easy no no no no
No no no no
No no no no

Hey nighthawk
I think we need to talk
Where you here
The night that we disappeared

Words didn't come
Instead you've dropped a bom
Same old song
You don't know what you got till it's gone

Hey robot
I gave it all I got
Is it true
Was there something about us that made you feel uncool

Hey nighthawk
Why don't you wanna talk
Take your time
I dare you to press rewind

Written by:

Bjorn Awouters, Nitzan Hoffmann and Bram Van den Berg