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Drive Like Jehu
This song is performed by Drive Like Jehu.
One ton over the rail
Wonton freeway bail
16 ribs a furry
sucking sun by the side of the road
toothless lady in no hurry
she's cheating death by driving slow.

Tire irons from jesus, only he would cheapen us,
only he would give a damn what your problems were.
Babies in the garbage can make your average cretin an honest man.
Where were you when they handed out the hearts?

High five
Long drive
Nose dive
You sense uptight
Yeah, it's funny because you don't feel a thing,
when every pin is dropping down and every cog is grinding round.


Maybe you ain't much more than a scenery...
tho' that isn't how you've pegged yourself.
Similar thoughts have been thought before.
The padding doesn't seem to help.

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