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Grand Canyon

This song is by Drive-By Truckers and appears on the album English Oceans (2014).

We went to Grand Canyon
And we stood at the expanse
And we watched the rocks change colors
And we watched the shadows dance
And we probably didn't say anything
As the sunset turned to night
We let the spirits do the talking
With cascades of faded light

We drove across the desert
Saw the mountain range at dawn
Heard the thunder rumbles echo
Against the rocks that Gods were made from
And we drove across the wastelands
Until we finally reached the sea
And I wonder how a life so sturdy
Could just one day cease to be

I'm never one to wonder
About the things beyond control
I stare off into the distance
And I feel the highway roll
I feel the highway roll

We roll on in the darkness
To some city far away
Lug our sorrows, pains, and angers
And then turn them into play
There's no time to dwell upon it
It's this life that we chose
That made it all worth living
Through the horrors that life throws

If the recently departed make the sunsets
To say farewell to the ones they leave behind
There were technicolor hues to see our sadness through
As the sun over Athens said goodbye
Say goodbye
Say goodbye

There's a white owl out my window
Soft-lit in fading light
He'll go soaring through the clouds
And hunting through the night
And in my dreams I still can see him
Flying through a western sky
And I'll think about Grand Canyon
And I'll lift my glass and smile
I'll lift my glass and smile
And smile

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