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Carrion Baggage

This song is by Drist.

I've got the feeling I'm still in motion
The feeling I got no control, fuck it, you'll never feel
Come and try it out, take a piece of this full strength
Watch me tear it down just the moment your heart breaks
In two

Why's it every time I think I'm drowning shit inside
It bottles up, eats away, it's a bomb in my mind
Can feel it coming through the veins to my fists
So I can open my eyes to see the one who compels me
You suck this

Grabbing hold, just to feel that I'm still here
Opening the way, let me in or I'll rip through
Counting all the times that you told me to be
Just like a picture in your mind, here's a picture from mine
Shut the fuck up

All I have to do is sigh...

But I'll never deny, Ever
Finding Hatred, inside, Burning
All the fear, of this flight, crashing
I'll never deny, Ever

They thought you made them the man
Just once could you learn without regret

You thought that you'd feel this one by one
Lost track of the needles into my brain

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