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​Reaching For The Stars

This song is by Drew Deezy.

There's a dying breed of realest why they searching
They listen to the fake so the real they ain't hearing
I always been a gangsta so I ain't shit that I'm fearing
I been through it all something I sould be teaching
Gotta lil son more reason why I'm reaching
I already got money but ill tell you what I'm seeking
To show the whole world I'm one of the realest breatheing
454 (better get it right) more than black and white eating
I knw it's a long road you gotta stay on it
Success comes to those who really want it
So I stretch my arm and reach for the moon
Cause lord knows I was born wit a dirty spoon
When I was a kid I used to wish upon a star
None of it came true the reason I go hard
I see the vision clearly we got this far

I come from the bottom so the stars is the limit
I'm true to myself so I'm far from a gimmick

Hating ass niggas jealous of they way I'm livin'
Rags to riches I belved in my vision
Hated by many confronted by none
Respected by all cause the use of a gun
I speak of the pain I speak of the bubble
I stay so hungry yet so humble
Heart so solid that I made it through the struggle

I had to give my people something to trust in
I rep asian and polynesian
They say we couldn't do it so I'm here I ain't leaving
Gotta prove them wrong drew deez is the reason
Ima push hard every breath that I'm breathin'
I'm reaching for the stars cause my dream I believe in